Welcome to International Junior Science Olympiad, IJSO 2019 at Doha, Qatar as the next IJSO.

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" If you are a student or a teacher, willing to participate in olympiad, Please contact the website of your country. "


Contact Person : Farseem M. Mohammedy
Email ID : farseemm@gmail.com
Website : http://spsb.org/


Contact Person : Yuqin Jiang
Email ID : jiangyuqin@itccc.org.cn
Website : http://ijso.itccc.org.cn


Contact Person : -
Email ID : sekretariat@ijso.info
Website : http://www.ijso.info


Contact Person : -
Email ID : -
Website : http://olympiads.hbcse.tifr.res.in/


Contact Person : Dina Izadi
Email ID : info@ayimi.org
Website : http://www.ayimi.org


Contact Person : Syeda Rehana Batool
Email ID : rehanabatool2005@yahoo.com
Website : http://www.psf.gov.pk

Sri Lanka

Contact Person : Prof. H.H. Sumathipala
Email ID : sumathi@kln.ac.lk
Website : http://www.ipsl.lk


Contact Person : -
Email ID : -
Website : http://ijsousa.org/

Contact Information

If you are planning to lead a team to the international event then you can contact us.
This website is for country coordinators / representatives etc to deal with International Olympiad. If you are a student or a parent who wants to know details about olympiad in your country, please contact your country coordinator for the details of olympiads in your country Or look for websites that deal with olympiad in your country.
If your country has never participated in IJSO then you can contact us.

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